Kansas State University International Student Center – Manhattan, Kansas

Daily services within this center that serves international students include assistance with visas and related paperwork, counseling and special activities. The existing 2,500 sf center was built in 1978. The residential modern structure is rigorously set to an 8’ x 8’ planning grid and comprised of two small buildings organized around a square grass courtyard. The facility is bermed into northeast hillside and accessed by bridge over a runoff creek on the south. The foundation asked that the addition maintain all of this character and provide a more “inviting” campus face while promoting “cultural fellowship.”

The existing two-building campus was expanded by the addition of a third structure bermed into the hillside on the northeast side of the courtyard. This 1,800 sf building houses the administrative and counseling services for international students, relocating them from the existing 400 sf building on the southwest side of the courtyard. The new building also provides student workspace in an informal, lounge-like setting. Renovation of the programmatic void in the existing building afforded a large conference area and student office.

The offices, located on the southwestern side of the building, have expansive views to the courtyard and main campus while being shaded by a 6′ overhang. Small punched windows on the southeast work with the office windows to provide cross-ventilation requested by the foundation.

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